Behavior Expectations

The Cedar Way – Our code of conduct





These four words are the cornerstones of our code of conduct on which all our expectations for members of our school community are built. The more we all live by these four ideas, the better we all become individually, and the more compassionate, peaceful and understanding our culture will become.

The chart below describes the expectations for behavior throughout our school. These expectations are explicitly taught by our school staff, and are expected to be supported by all staff and parents. The expectations are also posted in every area of the school – from the hallways to the lunchroom to the classrooms.

Most students succeed when the expectations are clear and consistent. When students struggle to meet these expectations, however, we see this as an opportunity for learning and development. To help these students, we have established the Solution Room.






Voices at Level 1 or lower


Stay to the right side of the hallway

Keep hands to self

Allow others to pass by when it doesn’t cause disruption


Be a good listener

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Use the equipment as it was intended

Model good citizenship

No unsafe behavior

Follow established rules

Invite new students to play

Pick up or point out garbage


Give others privacy and personal space

Use the facilities as intended

Keep bathroom clean

Letting someone go ahead of you if it’s an emergency

Eagle’s Nest


Follow directions of adults in charge

Use good table manners

Maintain personal space

Clean your area

Perform KP duties responsibly and with a good attitude


Use Level 1 Voices

Follow directions of adults on duty and the bus driver

Follow posted rules on the bus

Keep bus clean

No eating or drinking on the bus

Make sure others don’t forget things

Pick up after yourself

Assembles & Performances

Display good audience behavior

Maintain personal space

Keep a safe distance from equipment needed for performance

Show appropriate appreciation for the performance

Hold doors

Pull feet in if people need to get by

Field Trips

Follow the directions of adults

Practice good listening skills

Dress appropriately and bring required articles

Stay with your group

Follow the rules of visiting the site

Observe boundaries

Special Events

Follow the “Cedar Way” even if not directly supervised

Respect directions of adults and volunteers

Follow rules as if it were a school day

Set a good example for visitors and volunteers

Use equipment wisely

Make sure to have a responsible adult with you

Offer to help clean up

Thank volunteers for their time and help

Before & After School

Use appropriate voice volume

Follow direction of safety patrol and adults on duty

Go promptly to your designated area

Maintain personal space


Report problems to adults

Give friendly reminders to those that forget the expectations


Quietly get attention of office staff

Wait patiently for help

Make sure to have a pass

Know why you are in the office and be able to explain

Let office staff know if there is an emergency

Use time wisely

Offer a kind word to office staff

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