Discipline Plan & Policies

Our Discipline Policy and The Solution Room

Students are held to a high standard of conduct imbedded in the Cedar Way (Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and a concern for Service). We also take care to provide the personal support needed to help students be successful in meeting these rigorous standards.

Each classroom teacher has a classroom behavior management plan. This plan most often has three stages – a warning for the first poor choice, a minor consequence for the second, and the third poor choice results in a visit to the Solution Room. Once in the Solution Room, the student has the opportunity to talk to a caring adult and to create a plan to be successful for the rest of the day.

If a student is sent back to the Solution Room that day the student receives a discipline slip describing the choice(s) made, as well as the consequences (lunch detention, writing assignment, etc.), to take home for parents or guardians to discuss, sign, and return to school.

We believe in a progressive discipline policy – the greater the intensity or frequency of the behavior, the greater the consequence is.  Consequences range from some loss of recess to long term suspension or expulsion.  While minor behaviors are addressed without parent contact, parents will be notified by a discipline referral form for persistent or more serious behaviors. Extreme behavior (i.e. profanity, extreme unsafe or aggressive behavior) could result in an immediate discipline slip, loss of privileges, short or long term suspension, or expulsion depending on the severity of the action.

All discipline is private information shared only with those who need to know – school staff involved, the student and the parents or guardians.  The Family Privacy Act forbids staff to share discipline information to anyone else.

PBIS Discipline Matrix and Action Plan

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