Students have two recesses per day, one 15 minute recess in the morning, and one 30 minutes recess either before or after lunch. Recess not only serves as an opportunity for students to engage in physical activity, but also as a time to play with friends and have fun outside of the classroom. Recess takes place outside unless in the case of significantly poor weather, at which time recess takes place in the classroom. Kindergarteners have recess at the kindergarten playground located near their classrooms. All other students attend recess at the larger playground behind the school.

Safety is an important part of recess. Students are taught the expectations in September and they are reminded of them throughout the school year. Below are the Recess Safety Rules taught to students.

Recess/Playground Safety Rules

  • Walking only on the blacktop. (unless playing basketball or chasing a runaway ball) This illuminates much of the accidents caused by kids knocking each over & settles them down a bit before they have to line up to go inside.
  • No kicking balls on the blacktop. This area is too crowded and balls kicked can hurt others or end up on the roof.
  • If coats are taken off, they must be tied around the waist or put in your class line up area. Coats left on the ground create tripping hazards and this creates fewer coats in the lost & found.
  • Basketball: only 5 players per team on the court at one time—other team members can be subbed into the game. More than 10 players on the court is too crowded & players end up hurt.
  • Bark needs to stay on the ground. Picking it up, throwing it, etc is dangerous to others.
  • During morning recess, intermediate students need to play tag on the field only. There are too many students out at one time and younger students can be knocked down in the crowded bark area.
  • No balls on the bark area. This area is too crowded and balls often go in unpredictable directions.
  • No jumping from the tops of any playground structures. The person jumping is more likely to be hurt plus can jump on others underneath.
  • Spinomi Rules:6 people on at a time, no hanging from or standing on the horizontal bar at the top or mid-section. Those waiting their turn can line up on the padded bumper. The speed can cause those hanging or standing to fly off hurting themselves or others.
  • Tall green spinner (located between the rope climbing wall & yellow step ups)~limit of 3 students at a time.
  • No standing on the chicken bars/ parallel bars. Can slip and fall.
  • Waving teeter totter thingy: no pushing each other off of it, or grabbing each other.
  • Hands and feet to yourself at ALL times!!!
  • Students need to stay on the top part of the playground area at all times and need to be somewhere that is visible. That means no running down to the lower field or hiding beneath or behind trees.
  • Students need to ask for a bathroom/drink pass before going into the gym. Recess teachers need to limit the number of kids in the gym at any one time.
  • When the bell rings at the end of recess, everyone must come off all equipment, freeze and go to a level 0 until the whistle is blown. When the whistle is blown, students must pick up any equipment they used to be returned to the ball box and go directly to their class lines.
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