Volunteers are an important part of the Cedar Way Community. Whether helping in classrooms, the office, on the playground or from home, your time and talents are needed and appreciated. All volunteers must have the appropriate paperwork on file and sign in and out when at school. There is an appreciation event at the end of the year to recognize the hard work and efforts so many of our parents and community members invest in our Cedar Way students and staff. We would love for you to be part of our growing community and find the right spot to fit your skills and schedule! If you are interested in helping out at Cedar Way please come pick up a Volunteer Application located in the front office.

All volunteers must fill out a Washington State Patrol Background check form and provide a copy of their driver's license. As a volunteer at Cedar Way, we want to make sure that you and the students with whom you are working have a positive and enjoyable experience. To help ensure this, we would like you to remember the following points:

  • It is better to work in an area where there is another volunteer, district employee, or parent in sight. When you are working one-on-one away from the classroom, leave the door to the room open or stay in an open area. Make sure you are in plain sight.
  • To protect your privacy, and that of the students, do not ask for the student's address or phone number. Likewise, do not share your address or phone number with a student without first discussing it with the classroom teacher or principal.
  • Use adult/staff restrooms only. They are located in the hallways. Do not accompany a student to a restroom.
  • Remember that you are a role model for these students and your conversation is one of the ways in which you demonstrate this. Please show respect for all cultures, genders and races.
  • Treat all students equally.
  • Many times you will develop rapport with students which may allow them to discuss things they may not feel free to discuss with other adults. If you receive information that causes you concern for the welfare or safety of the student, please share that information with the classroom teacher or principal. Remember that any information you get on an emotional and/or academic level with any student is highly confidential.
  • Never touch a child in anger. If a student is misbehaving or disrespectful, return them to the classroom teacher and let the teacher take over from there.
  • It is best to stick to handshakes or high fives, but if the students wants to hug you, introduce them to the "hug from the side." Let the student initiate this kind of behavior.
  • In case of a fire drill while working with a child or group of students, please exit the building using the nearest door and walk around the outside of the school to the playground area. There the children will walk to their classroom line to be accounted for.
  • In case of a lockdown procedure, please take your children to the closest classroom, where that teacher will communicate the location and safety of the students in your care to their classroom teacher and the office. Do not contact the office or teacher yourself.
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