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3rd Grade Reading Challenge

Sno-Isle Libraries 3rd Grade

Reading Challenge

The 3rd Grade Reading Challenge is a voluntary  reading competition for third graders at Cedar Way.  It is organized  by the Sno-Isle Public Library system.  If students choose to participate, starting in October/November they will be put into  teams of 6-8 in   They will be responsible for reading the 6 books on the other side of this bookmark.  Copies of the books will be provided by the Sno-Isle libraries.  If you want your child to get a head start, you can always get copies of your own from the library or bookstore. In February/March we will have  a school competition.  The winning team will advance to the semi-final round at the district level and then potentially the final round at the county level.  There will be a permission slip that needs to get signed for your child to participate, so look for that coming home sometime in the next month.  Also if you are interested in helping out your child’s team study and prepare, contact your child’s teacher.